A reminder to dog owners on farmland

Well the summer is finally here and most of us are spending more time walking our dogs in the countryside and on long footpaths, onto farmland. Sheep worrying is a major concern at this time for many farmers. While the vast majority of dog owners act responsibly when walking their dog through the countryside, there is still a small minority who persist with taking no precautions when walking their dog on farmland. Remember that not only are we guests on their land but for most of us the working of farmland is completely foreign to many of us. With that in mind it's worthwhile to keep "switched on" and aware of your surroundings. Makeshift cattle pens can spring up anywhere on our walks so be on your guard.

Your sweet young labrador or spaniel can change suddenly if they see a group of new born lambs bouncing around. Farmers families have been devastated by the financial impact when sheep are injured, distressed or killed by dogs.

And remember, farmers will pursue dog owners through the courts if the dog involved in an incident is to blame for an attack

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