dog trainers in Essex

dog trainers in Essex

If you are looking for a suitable trainer that offers one to one support then perhaps we can help. We specialise in behaviour modification and changing your dogs habits. Some issues are very easy to "break", while others sometimes may need a few sessions to overcome a problem.

I have spent years with different breeds of dog and trained very young puppies to your more mature mutt and its never too late to make basic changes to dog behaviour.

Most issues arise when your puppy is young and sometimes an owner may have not even noticed, for instance, a loud bang or perhaps a dog may have nipped your pups tail. It could be all manner of things that sets your dog on a behaviour path.

We teach a method called "impulse and focus" training. This means you dog may have an impulse to do something, lets say "chasing a cat" or barking in the middle of the night. We assist in stopping your dog from "acting out" his or her impulse. It also important that your pet has "focus" on you as its owner. So when you call your dog after a run in the park, you dog should automatically "focus" on you and come back to you after you have given the recall command.

You pet should always understand that you are its owner, its older brother, its dad/mum and provider. above all else, its friend. So get the training right and know that once you have your pooches behaviour "in check" then you can "loosen the lead" and relax a little.

Goal posts should always be set and you should never let your pet move beyond the boundaries and rules you have made unless you have a dog that has understanding on where his or her place is in the family unit. An example and perhaps a mistake would be: Letting your pet dog on the couch along with other members of the family when he/she is a puppy. I know, you think i am horrible 🙂 but if you scratch the surface in very basic dog psychology the message you are giving your dog is: "hey you are sitting at my level and are as important as me". Well of course you love you dog and its important but problems are made when you "show your dog" its importance.  If  you first get you dog trained and your dog has understanding of where he or she is in the "pecking order" then having your dog on the couch will not be a problem, because as soon as you give the instruction to "get down", your trained pet will also understand where its place is.

Most of our work is socialisation, behaviour and "retraining" and so if you fit that criteria and need advice or assistance, please call us.

Again if you need agility training, security related training etc then give me a call as I can direct you to to one of the best trainers in the country and he happens to live in Essex. Steve.

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