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Your local dog sitters

If you are looking for a local dog sitter in the area then you have come to the right place. Dogcompanion offers dog day care to pets big and small and can even pick your pet and deliver him or her back your house after you return.

We charge a flat fee of £15 a day and can collect before 8am Monday to Friday and also on weekends. Dog companion will also drop off your dog @ 6pm on the weekdays and 5pm on the weekends. We charge an additional £3 if we drop off your dog later than 6pm. We are flexible in collection times and we know some people leave before 8am in the morning, so just mention this when booking.

Your dog will be looked after as a family pet, given fresh water and have some fun. Your mutt will be walked twice a day in local surroundings such as parks, forests and safe open spaces. Don't worry if you have a small fluffy puppy as if you prefer your dog to stay on the lead because you don't want it dirty then that is fine. Equally, if you prefer your pet to only walked on the lead for any reason then that's okay as well.

We do offer a solution to any wayward dog that likes to wander away while we are in a forest or open space. We can attach a Bluetooth monitor to his or her collar that tell us when a dog has strayed away, perhaps into a bush or in a ditch, so no need to ever worry that your precious pet will ever be lost.  You can even track your dog via our website when we take your pet out. you can check your dogs walking history and even watch us live.

Dont forget while your hound is with us you can also view him or her live via our cameras. We have a CCTV type set up that allows our customers to log into the cameras and see your dog and even listen. Now how cool is that. So even if your thousands of miles away you will be able to see your dog. So if your looking for local dog sitters then dogcompanion can be your answer while you are at work or on holiday.



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