Track your dog while we walk

We have installed our new dog tracker so you can now track your dog while we are out walking your pet.

This is an ideal tool, just to check that you are getting the service you are paying for. It's not snooping and the tracker is to show transparency and openness with you, our customer. And don't worry it only tracks us and not you.

You can track any dog walker and our position is updated every 5 seconds. The tracker is installed on our mobile phones. Obviously sometimes because of a signal and where we walk it sometimes is flaky, but for the most part it fine.

We have 3 phones that you can track and common sense will help you ascertain what phone to track. If we are picking your dog up from Upminster and the you can see a moving dog walker in Hornchurch, then clearly that will not be the marker to track on the map. You can track your dog if we pick him / her up from a selection of towns including; Upminster, Brentwood, Harold Wood and most parts of Havering. We have a slight black spot in Bulphan and hope to get this ironed out in the future. Click on the dogwalker tracker to test it.

If its not working for you then please email or message us via the contact us page.

We are also working on bluetooth technology tags to track dogs directly. A tag would be attached to your pet's collar while we are out walking. And if by the off chance an animal decides to run into a bush we can find it in an instant. While we have never lost a pet its good to know that you dog can never get lost or walk off without us knowing about it first.


3 Responses

  1. Judy

    Its working most of the time for me when you are walking through Upminster. Its very strange watching you guys walking on a map.

  2. Amanda J

    Mark and Rob, I can see both of you guys on the map okay. I have spend 4 hours just watching both of you moving around Essex at speed. Have you been in a car or a van?

    • David Gibbs

      Thanks Rob, Just tracked you walking Ralph in Belhus woods!

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